Sergeant Abraham was a soldier of the Constellar Federation, leading his 30 man platoon aimlessly in the desert. He loses his leg and is severely injured as a result, and dies in the mission.

Appearance Edit

Abraham has brown hair tied with a rag and a thin chin beard. He wears camouflaged garments along with protective clothing such as knee pads, boots, gloves and a vest. He's missing a leg. He uses a rifle as a crutch.

History Edit

Abraham lead his team on an unspecified mission from the Federation, eventually the war on Legin with the rebels went out of the Federation's favor, and forced the evacuation of all forces in the area or be left behind. Abraham suffered injuries with his squad on his travels, resulting in him losing his combat effectiveness.

Story Edit

In Chapter 5: Legend, he first appears once Romero takes Burden back to their platoon. After taking over and leading them through the desert, Abraham often tries to convince Burden to kill him so that he won't slow them down.

Abraham will kill himself after the group sleeps twice in any shelter. Although it is possible for him to die earlier, if Burden commands Jack to shoot him or if he dies on an attack to an enemy camp or patrol.

Trivia Edit

  • Burden will adopt his identity after he dies.

Quotes Edit

  • "If you feel you need to make any sacrifices, I give you full authority to do so- starting with me." - Abraham to Burden.
  • "Do it."