The game starts with a little talk at the campfire in Sineicos, historically between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.


Sgt Burden:

Hang in there, team.

We'll get out of this, I promise.


To steal our research, I can undertand that, but… (Note)

Why do they hate us this much to abandon us to our death in this frozen planet?

Sgt Burden:

This is not hate, Xenolifer did this for the sake of their mission.

If they 'hated' us, they would have executed us.


Oh, I see, is this your concept of mercy, Burden?

This looks far worse than a shot in the back of the head to me.

Sgt Burden:

We are alive, aren't we?

I can get you out of here, Liam knows that.

Xenolifer aren't assassins, they fight for freedom.

In the end, their objective is to face from slavery all the intelligent alien races.


Yeah, how noble… I don't give a fuck.

I hope the Constellar Federation crush them once for all.

Dr. Zenész:

I respect their cause, but I definitely disagree with their methods.

Nothing good can be achieved through terrorism.

Sgt Burden:

Terrorism is just a word used by big nations to define small opposing forces.

They way the Constellar Federation obliterates its enemies and enslaves the defeated aliens is far more terrifying to me.

But I disagree with Xenolifer violent methods too, doctor.

That's why I joined the Everdusk Company for the Universe Knowledge.

ECUK's neutrality and worshipping of justice, science and truth over all the things. I can respect that.

Without any political or religious background to justify their actions, just common sense.


Yeah, it's great how the Everdusk keep getting us into trouble. I love them.

Sgt Burden:



Sorry. I'm just really angry.

Fuck. Fuck.

Fucking Xenolifer.

Fuck them.


  • Sarah - The word "understand" is incorrectly spelled as "undertand"