Legin is a planet located somewhere in the universe of Gods Will Be Watching. It's a desert planet, and also the birth planet to Jack Maslow.

Characteristics Edit

Legin is a planet that is an enormous desert. Its landscape consists of endless dunes and sand. Occasionally, Burden will come across obstacles such as rock walls, ravines or sandbag barricades. There is a considerable amout of cacti and moist terrains across the land that serve as water sources. There are a lot of enemy bases and patrols scattered across the planet, along with remains of battle and big boulders that serve as shelter.

Jack is the most experient one about how to live on the planet, since he was born there. He says that Legin has no night and it's constantly hot. He says that they must ration their water and only consume it when their bodies are begging and pleading for it. He says that it's suicide to sleep on the open sun and they must sleep on cool shadows.

There isn't any visible life on the planet besides the human troops.

Also interesting to notice, it was on this planet that Burden crashed, causing him to lose his memory and enter the never-ending time cycle. Everytime he dies at the hands of Liam, he returns to that planet.

Story Edit

In Chapter 5: Legend, Legin first appears. Burden finds himself in the middle of the desert, unsure of where he is. He doesn't remember anything about why he's there or who he is. He walks in random directions until he comes across a soldier, Romero. Romero tells him that he is running with a crew that works for the Constellar Federation, and that they're trying to return to their base. Burden takes over command due to his Nebula suit and leads the team back to their base.

In Epilogue, Burden wakes up once again in the middle of the desert. He sees a cloak and a gun. He puts on the cloak, and trails off into the desert as the time cycle repeats itself.

Inhabitants Edit