Hostages Edit

Hostages are the secondary characters appearing in Chapter 1. If all the hostages are killed or freed, the player will lose the mission. Each hostage can become calmer or more agitated depending on the player's actions. If a hostage becomes too complacent, they will attempt to run away, giving the player a chance to either free them or kill them. However, if a hostage becomes too agitated, they will attempt to attack Sergeant Burden, forcing Jack to kill them. When a hostage is about to run, text will appear above the respected hostage.

There are 2 different kinds of hostages:

  • The normal blue-suited hostages: These types of hostages are not special and can be calmed or agitated by the player.
  • The brown-suited boss: The boss acts much like the other hostages, but each action used on the boss will affect the other hostages in a similar way.

The player can perform each of these actions on the hostages:

  • Talk - Talking to hostages calms them.
  • Shout - Shouting at hostages agitates them slightly.
  • Kick - Kicking hostages dramatically agitates them.
  • Trade - The hostage can be traded either to increase net stability, force the guards to retreat or for medicine.
  • Shoot - Segeant Burden can shoot hostages in either two places: The leg, which makes them unable to run, or the face, which kills them. Leg shots can be cured using medicine.