Claire is a scientist who works for Xenoflier. She is married to Frank and has a son Eddie.

Personality Edit

Claire is a Xenolifer scientist, married to Frank and mother of Eddie. She will outright break if he dies, showing her to be extremely protective of him.

She is, like the rest of Xenolifer, perfectly willing to die for her cause. However, like the rest of the crew she has her own weaknesses.

Claire is most easily broken/convinced by using Eddie and her motherly instincts against her as shown by the dialogue options, her password is the same as Frank's. So it's worth it to kill her and break Frank instead of killing Frank and waste time convincing her.

History Edit

Through the appropriate dialogue options, it is revealed that Claire and her family were picked up by Liam at some point and joined Xenolifer to work on the Medusa virus. She brought whatever she had to the Matriarch, and now lives there like the rest of Xenolifer.

Relationships Edit

  • Frank - Claire and Frank are shown to have a good relationship.
  • Eddie - Claire and Eddie are shown to have a loving relationship, shown as Claire will be distressed if her son is killed or separated from her.