Gods Will Be Watching is divided into 7 chapters, which can individually replayed from the Chapter Select option on the main menu. There is also an 8th DLC chapter.

Chapter 1: Self-Justified Sacrifices Edit

Sergeant Burden finds himself mananging a hostage situation while Jack holds off the police and Shaman and Liam work to hack a system to steal information. The player will need to balance managing the attitudes of the hostages, keeping cyber security up to protect your hack progress, and preventing the police from getting too close.

See Chapter I for more details.

Chapter 2: 20 Days of Empty WordsEdit

Held captive with Jack, Burden must endure 20 days of torture until rescue arrives. The player must manage the health of Jack and Burden to avoid confessing enough information that Burden is executed.

See Chapter II for more details.

Chapter 3: EverduskEdit

Chapter 4: Gods Will Be WatchingEdit

Chapter 5: LegendEdit

Chapter 6: Suicide Mission to Save the WorldEdit

Chapter 7: NemesisEdit

The Last ChapterEdit