Alexander is one of the main antagonists from Chapter 2: 20 Days Of Empty Words in Gods Will Be Watching.

Appearance Edit

Alexander is well built and show sign of extreme strength.

He also has visible scars on the right side of his chest, as well as on his right arm. Jack describes him as being a circus worker.

Personality Edit

Alexander is a brutal guy that never speaks. He uses his muscles to hurt others in painful manners, along with Irving.

Story Edit

In Chapter 2: 20 Days Of Empty Words, Alexander accompanies Irving in his torturing, without pronouncing one words.

On the first day, he and Irving apply punches to Jack and Burden.

On the second day, he and Irving hurt Jack and Burden with punches to their knees, although Irving uses a hammer.

On the third day, Alexander rips out Jack's teeth while Irving does the same on Burden with a wrench.

On the fourth day, he burns Jack with a heated mug while Irving burns Burden with a hot iron.

On the fifth day, he chains either Jack or Burden to the wall. If the information their provides doesn't satisfy him, he will stretch Jack/Burden. After two stretches, the one who was attached will die. He shows no reaction to his kill.

On the sixth day, he accompanies Irving as he plays a game of Russian Roulette with Burden.

On the seventh day, he applies punches to Jack while Irving does the same to Burden.

On the eighth day and ninth day, the torture method varies. After Burden and Jack are rescued by the Everdusk, he is never seen again.

Relationships Edit

  • Irving McAllister - Alexander is Irving's partner in crime, so to speak. Irving is definitely the first loud half of the dynamic duo, if you will.

Trivia Edit

  • Alexander's mother is an alien halfbreed, who was a cross of a Jorghal Titan and a human.

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